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I am interested in our human stories, I believe that when we share our stories we find courage, strength and joy that helps us live more meaningful lives. 

I tell stories with photographs. I photograph the love of family. I believe if we love wholeheartedly the world will be a better place. It's simple really. 

I have a special interest in photographing the final chapter of life, the newly diagnosed terminally ill, end of life care and goodbyes (memorial services and funerals). 

I also photograph pets at the end of their lives. Our pets hold a  special part of our hearts. 

Providing families with special memories at the end of life, portraying the love and kindness that can be experienced at this difficult time. Memories that heal.

I have had extensive involvement with families undergoing traumatic and stressful times in their lives through my work as a paediatric intensive care nurse and in my role as a  Heartfelt photographer.

I am always compassionate and respectful in my photographic work and approach each situation with the sensitivity it deserves.

Im also an End of Life Guide providing service to those at the end of live. Please go to my website gracefuldying.com for more information.

I am proud to be a volunteer with  Heartfelt: giving the gift of photographic memories, please visit our website for more information.

 Please call me for more information: 0412 117 560 or email me: info@helenrobertsphotography.com

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