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I am interested in our human stories, I believe that when we share our stories we find courage, strength and joy that helps us live more meaning lives.

I have a special interest in photographing the final chapter of life, the newly diagnosed terminally ill, end of life care and goodbyes (memorial services and funerals).

My medium for story telling is photography, providing families with special memories at the end of life, portraying the love and kindness that can be experienced at this difficult time. Memories that heal.

My photography is primarily documentary style, standing back and photographing the stories as they happen.

I have had extensive involvement with familes undergoing traumatic and stressful times in their lives through my work as a paediatric intensive care nurse  and in my role as co-ordinator for  Heartfelt.

I am always compassionate and respectful in my photographic work and approach each situation with the sensitivity it deserves.

I am a fully accredited member of the AIPP and I am proud to be a volunteer with  Heartfelt: giving the gift of photographic memories, please visit our website for more information.

 Please call me for more information: 0412 117 560 or email me: info@helenrobertsphotography.com


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Chapter one: The Beginning

♥ Birth

♥ Babies

Chapter two: The In Between

♥ Families


Chapter three: The Final Chapter

♥ Palliative care

♥ Goodbyes

Chapter four: Personal

♥ Travel

♥ Art

Chapter Five: Client Galleries

Chapter Six: More work on Facebook






This is Ralph those of you who know me know he is a huge part of our lives, at the end of his life we will take him to his beloved beach with a ball. When its time for him to go, I will employ the services of LetMeGO veterinary services so he can die at home. I know I will be taking some special photographs of his last day and the final goodbye.

I provide this service for your pet at the end of their lives. Sometimes we have a choice about the timing for this event. We can then make some decisions about how we spend the little time they have left. Some special time in their favourite places or some special treats. I am available to photograph these special times with your family, leaving you with some lasting memories to have forever.

Please contact me for details. info@helenrobertsphotography.com or

Call Helen  0412 117 560

Hello world!

By dave sainsburyJuly 6, 20150

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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Hello world!

By dave sainsburyJuly 5, 20150

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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ABC Online Review

By dave sainsburyJune 30, 20150

I have recently had an exhibition at The Light Galley with friend Karen Waller. Karen  photographed vulnerable men and my exhibition was titled Transitions, a portrayal of people transitioning through changes in times of grief, death and loss. Brett Williams from the ABC Online did a short interview about my work. You can read it here....

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The Meaning of Life

By dave sainsburyMay 25, 20150

I am sure that the answer to this question is strongly tied with accepting the inevitability of our death. As some of you are aware I’m am studying to become a Soul Midwife, as traditional midwives bring a new life into the world Soul Midwives assist people who are leaving this world, easing their transition and providing...

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Adam and Tanya – Mt Lofty House

By dave sainsburyMay 11, 20150

Adam and Tanya’s beautiful day was at Mt Lofty House, a great location for a wedding. They are the loveliest couple, you only had to look at the way they were with each other to know how much in love they really are. Thank you for sharing your day with us xx  

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