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As I said previously i loved Berlin, it has so much to offer. The Museums are great, my favourite The Pergamon was amazing, The Gates Of Ishtar from Babylonian times is immense in both size and beauty, an emotional experience for me.

The Berlin Cathedral was a masterpiece, worth the climb to the top, there is something about the grandeur of a church that makes me all soft on the inside too! The crypt underneath had coffins from kings, queens and little ones from 1600 onwards a very cool place. For those of you who know me I love cemeteries, the German people look after their dead they have lovely flowers planted around the graves.

The memorials were certainly fitting tributes to their varies causes. The Russian memorial was very Russian, enormous manicured gardens, the statue of a soldier carrying a child very moving and the sculptured artworks  so beautifully detailed. Food and entertainment were also a highlight, including everything you can do with spar gel(asparagus) and the greek restaurant that served free Ouzo all night. Templehof airport was an airport Hitlers regime used during Word War Two,  it is now a cultural centre and a huge garden park.



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We’ve been away for a month and had a wonderful break. We caught up with Dave’s daughters in Berlin for a week before heading of to Turkey for three weeks.  For me travel is an opportunity to broaden my perspective of the world, learn from others, share with others, discover cool stuff and unwind my brain.

I will have a series of posts so as not to bombard you all at once….Lol

I’ll start with sort of street photography.

I can say that Berlin was a surprise, I loved it.



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I love older people, so many stories, so much wisdom and so much fun. Bette is 89 years young she still plays golf regularly, sees her friends often and delights in her grandchildren’s lives.

Bette and John were married for 60 years, John died a few years ago. I asked her where she had met John and with a smile in her eyes she told me that their mothers had given birth in the same hospital and her and John had met then!

Bette has a great sense of humour and was very pleased to be having her photo taken, its been a long time she said since anyone took a photo of me.

She is beautiful.


“Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.”

— Mark Twain

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I have photographed James and Emma’s wedding and their sons newborn photos, it was so much fun to photograph little Bronte. She has a wonderful family and will be well loved, especially by her brother who is an energetic whirlwind, full of life and keeps everyone entertained!


  • Home is the most popular, and will be the most enduring of all earthly establishments.- Channing Pollock
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